Fixtures for 2016 are listed below. Alternatively you can download the fixtures by clicking on the link below:
20th March     Woldingham      v      Reigate Hill
9th April          Surrey Downs   v   Woldingham
17th April        Woldingham     v    Surrey Downs
17th April        Farleigh            v     Surrey National
23rd April        Reigate Hill      v     Farleigh
29th May         Farleigh           v     Surrey Downs
5th June          Reigate Hill     v     Surrey National
12th June        Surrey National  v  Reigate Hill
18th June        Woldingham   v      Farleigh
25th June        Surrey Downs    v   Surrey National
10th July         Reigate Hil     v       Surrey Downs
16th July         Reigate Hill   v     Woldingham
16th July         Surrey Downs  v   Farleigh
24th July         Woldingham   v   Surrey National
6th Aug           Surrey National   v   Farleigh
14th Aug         Surrey Downs   v   Reigate Hill
27th Aug         Surrey National   v   Woldingham
10th Sept        Farleigh       v      Woldingham
11th Sept        Surrey National   v   Surrey Downs
25th Sept        Farleigh       v     Reigate Hill
Friday 7th October League day @ Reigate Hill